Driven to Protect at Fort Belvoir Safety Day

On May 17, the DADSS team attended the Fort Belvoir Safety Day in Fairfax County, Virginia.

We participated in the event to provide information about the Driven to Protect initiative and showcase the latest tech, and our exhibit included the X2 and VP1 vehicles and the Program Display including sensor prototypes, banners and informational pamphlets. Attendees were primarily safety-interested military and civilian contractors who were very enthusiastic about our program goals and latest technology. Military and civilian personnel had great positive responses to our demonstration vehicles and prototypes, and the booth was a success. A military father that visited our booth commended the technology as he was interacting with it, stating that he’d purchase it for his children immediately if the system were available. We had a wonderful time speaking with attendees and hearing their personal stories surrounding driving safety. Thank you to everyone that attended!