Maryland Joins The Partnership

In August 2019, the state of Maryland formally announced the launch of its partnership between the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety’s DADSS Program and the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) to test advanced prototype driver alcohol detection sensors installed in state–owned vehicles.
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Maryland’s existing traffic safety initiatives continuously put the health and safety of its residents first, making the state an ideal partner for the program to help test this life-saving technology. Driven to Protect is expanding on Maryland’s existing efforts by advancing technology that can prevent additional drunk driving crashes, injuries, and deaths on its roads.

Through the Driven to Protect Initiative, MDOT MVA partnered with the national DADSS Program to help test this life-saving technology on Maryland roads. The DADSS Technical Team integrated the prototype DADSS breath alcohol detection sensors into seven vehicles. On-road tests are giving MDOT MVA staff first-hand experience with the DADSS technology as they drive these vehicles and are providing Program engineers and researchers with valuable information about how it performs in real-world operation. MDOT MVA will also provide demonstrations of the technology to the public around the state.

Through Driven to Protect | Maryland, MDOT MVA continues its leadership in the state-level fight against drunk driving.