Partnership with Maryland

In June 2022, the state of Maryland concluded a pilot program between the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety’s DADSS Program and the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) to test advanced prototype driver alcohol detection sensors installed in state–owned vehicles.

The pilot program, which began in 2019, saw Driven to Protect expand on Maryland’s existing traffic safety initiatives by advancing life-saving technology that can prevent additional drunk driving crashes, injuries, and deaths on Maryland roads. Approximately one-third of all traffic crash fatalities in the United States involve drunk drivers; Maryland alone averages over 500 fatalities each year, one-third of them attributed to impaired driving.

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The DADSS technology was installed in eight MDOT MVA vehicles, including a demonstration vehicle that was used as an educational tool at safety and community events. The on-road pilot program provided valuable information on how the sensors hold up to everyday use and elements on the road. At completion of the pilot program, these vehicles had collected 93,558 samples over 5,230 hours — despite the program being temporarily placed on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This data will help DADSS engineers better understand the factors that affect sensor performance as they continue to refine the technology and prepare it for widespread commercialization.

Through Driven to Protect | Maryland, MDOT MVA has been a remarkable leader in the state-level fight against drunk driving.