The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Program (DADSS) is developing innovative, vehicle-integrated alcohol detection systems to address the problem of alcohol-impaired driving. These technologies, both breath- and touch-based, are intended to be seamless with the driving task, non-intrusive, accurate, fast, and require little to no maintenance. Development of the breath-based technology has progressed significantly and now requires real-world road testing in an uncontrolled, naturalistic setting. DADSS is currently seeking opportunities to partner with state fleets and/or private fleet organizations for trial deployment of this vehicle technology. State partners may be eligible to use certain NHTSA grant funds to sponsor DADSS research projects. See here for guidance. 

  1. Identify and address technical modifications for system improvement; including: refine user interface, optimize sensor performance and ruggedness, and improve measurement algorithms
  2. Increase public awareness and acceptance of the DADSS system
  3. Determine feasibility of implementation into larger fleets, privately owned, and commercial vehicles

To explore how to become a DADSS deployment partner, contact [email protected].

Watch our Ask the Experts: The Role of Fleets in Driven to Protect webinar on YouTube to hear from experts about how our breakthrough technology can help support fleet operators in furthering their safe driving goals.

Learn more about how fleets in Virginia are helping to generate hundreds of thousands of real-world operating miles needed to commercialize fully passive vehicle-integrated breath technology.