Driven To Protect highlights the leadership of the Virginia DMV

The Driven To Protect Initiative, a partnership between the Virginia DMV and the DADSS Program, exhibited at the 2018 Annual International Conference of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). This event brings together administrators of motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies throughout North America – along with industry and federal partners – to share challenges and best practices in traffic safety, secure credentialing, and customer service.

The Driven to Protect exhibit showcased the Virginia DMV’s leadership in advancing this life-saving technology through in-vehicle, on-road test trials and by giving the public an early look at the technology at events around the state. It also gave other state officials an opportunity to learn more about the DADSS program and the work that has gone into developing and testing this first-of-its kind technology.

AAMVA participants were the first to experience a new proprietary system that shows just how advanced the passive sensors are becoming. By sitting in the driver’s seat and by simply giving a voice command, a “driver” is able to provide enough breath for the system to “analyze” the sample, verify the individual is under the .08 limit, and actually start the vehicle with no other actions being required.