Update on Driven to Protect’s Trial Deployment with Schneider

In December 2021, Driven to Protect | Virginia announced a new trial deployment with international transportation and logistics provider Schneider. Now, Driven to Protect is pleased to share an update on the pilot fleet deployment.

The Driven to Protect team traveled to South Boston, Virginia from May 14-17 to install the innovative, lifesaving DADSS technology breath sensors into several additional trucks, bringing the total number of Schneider trucks outfitted with the sensors to seven. Driven to Protect and Schneider then conducted driver training to ensure the technology is able to gather all needed data while the vehicle is being driven. These drivers, who have already provided over 9,500 breath samples and driven over 23,000 miles, play an integral role in helping us to refine the DADSS technology.

Our teams worked around the clock to complete the integration process, even installing the technology on two additional trucks ahead of schedule as they became available. Despite the overcast skies and muggy weather, we were able to send the drivers back out onto the road on schedule. We understand that for truckload carriers, time spent off the road translates into delayed goods and lost revenue. Next time you drive past a Schneider truck on the highway, you just might see our test program in action!