SkillsUSA VA

From April 21-23, the Driven to Protect | Virginia Initiative attended SkillsUSA VA in Virginia Beach. SkillsUSA VA is a three-day event that brings together high school and middle school students from across the Commonwealth to compete in various scientific, academic, and industry discipline activities with the goal of helping each student excel. Like Driven to Protect, SkillsUSA cares about empowering this generation of students with technical and STEM skills: the same skills needed to pursue a career in safety technology. 

Two members of the Driven to Protect team attended the event to showcase the demonstration vehicle outfitted with the DADSS alcohol detection technology as well as the new 3D-printed steering wheel demonstration with a working breath sensor and display. 

Over 200 students, faculty, and exhibitors stopped by the Driven to Protect booth and engaged with the technology. Many Virginia teachers and students showed excitement through questions about how the technology works and when it will be ready to be in all vehicles. It was inspiring to see the level of skill, knowledge, and commitment these Virginia students demonstrated.