Maryland Joins Driven to Protect Partnership

Driven to Protect is a public-private partnership between the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) Program and individual state governments that is helping with on-road testing of advanced technology to eliminate drunk driving and save lives. The vehicle-integrated alcohol detection technology will determine when a driver is impaired with a blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.08% and prevent the car from moving. The breakthrough technology will be fast, accurate, reliable, and affordable.

As part of the Driven to Protect partnership, technology integrators install prototypes of the DADSS breath-based sensors in vehicles. The data and feedback collected from drivers and the prototype sensors are invaluable to improve the technology as it is prepared for widespread commercialization, estimated to be around 2025.

In August 2019, Maryland formally launched the partnership between the DADSS Program and the MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), becoming the second state to join the Driven to Protect Initiative. Through Driven to Protect, Maryland is partnering with DADSS to help test this life-saving technology on Maryland roads. The DADSS Program is integrating prototype DADSS breath-based alcohol detection sensors into eight of the MDOT MVA fleet vehicles, giving MVA staff first-hand experience with the technology as they drive these vehicles and providing Program engineers and researchers with valuable information about how they perform in real-world settings. MDOT MVA will also provide demonstrations of the technology to the public throughout Maryland.

Driven to Protect is excited to officially welcome Maryland to the partnership. By joining Driven to Protect, Maryland joins Virginia in showcasing their leadership in the state-level fight against drunk driving.