VADETS Virtual Conference

On October 6th, Driven to Protect presented at the Virginia Association of Driver Education and Traffic Safety (VADETS) 2022 Virtual Conference. VADETS members are drawn from over 2,500 driver education professionals who teach in public, private, and driver training schools throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Two members of the Driven to Protect team spoke to VADETS members about the lifesaving potential of the DADSS technology, the Driven to Protect initiative, and the Discovery Hub, an important online driver safety resource for both students and educators.

VADETS members were extraordinarily responsive. Many driver education professionals expressed interest in using the Discovery Hub in their classrooms, hosting a guest speaker to hear more about lifesaving driver technologies, bringing the demonstration vehicle to their schools and even taking their students on a field trip to the lab in Leesburg.

We look forward to our continued partnership with VADETS in the fight against drunk driving