Driven to Protect at 2019 Mid-Atlantic DUI Conference

The Driven to Protect team participated in the 2019 Mid-Atlantic DUI Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia. During the event, attendees learned about the DADSS Program, the progress being made on the in-vehicle technology, and how the Virginia DMV is participating in the Driven to Protect Initiative.

The annual Mid-Atlantic DUI Conference brings together law enforcement and safety stakeholders to discuss the latest updates on combating drunk and drugged driving. Law enforcement officials, litigators, and other stakeholders had the opportunity to receive a demonstration and interact with the latest alcohol-sensor technology.

To really drive home the devastating effects of impaired driving, conference attendees heard from guest speaker Tammy Duffy. Tammy spoke about losing her teenage daughter Kaitlyn in a fatal crash caused by a drunk driver and the lasting impact the tragedy has had on her family. Her reflection gave a somber reminder of the crucial problem that DADSS and Driven to Protect, along with the many safety officials and advocates in attendance, are working to solve.