Shamrock the Block

On April 1, the Driven to Protect team attended Shamrock the Block in Richmond, Virginia. The admission-free festival featured high attendance from Richmond-area college students, as well as local community members.

Event attendees were able to interact with the breath sensor technology directly to learn about the role of the Virginia DMV and the DADSS Driven to Protect initiative, as well as the DADSS technology and its real-world applications to prevent drunk driving. This event specifically allowed for realistic engagement from community members who may have been consuming alcohol during the event.

Younger event attendees expressed great support for the DADSS technology and community members who visited the demonstration vehicle were enthusiastic about the life-saving goals of the Driven to Protect program. In addition, local police officers providing security for the event were pleased to learn about the goals of the DADSS program and the involvement of the Virginia DMV. We enjoyed educating visitors from the Commonwealth and beyond about the mission and goals of Driven to Protect and look forward to more successful events this year!